“Davines is a product line we are proud to use and carry in our space. As a company, they are dedicated to beauty that is healthy and unique to the individual, and to the sustainability practices our planet needs. By creating “beauty” we want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.”   — Davines

YDB_hair: after experiencing several hair care lines, we chose Davines to be our number one product. The brand of Italian origins is popular worldwide from Europe to USA and it is hosted as exclusivist brand in famous salons over the world.

Davines begins with care for the planet hence care for people. It is eco-friendly with all its components, including the packaging. The bottles are 99% biodegradable and the products are paraben and sulphate free making it friendly to any user. Can be equally used by women, men and children as there are wide varieties to satisfy any hair need.

The SHAMPOOS cover the need of scalp& hair with designated lines for all hair and scalp types and problems. The complex line of NaturalTech it offers 9 targeted treatments for scalp and hair:

  1. Nourishing – is recommended for damaged to extremely damaged hair, mostly after aggressive bleach or color. It has a complex of scalp and hair treatments that will definitely make a difference to a damaged hair. This line comes with a treatment for very dry scalp, shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum.
  2. Energizing – is recommended to hair prone to fall. It prevents and treat hair loss of different causes such seasonal or hormonal. This line comes with a shampoo, a gel and 2 types of drops.
  3. Rebalancing – a shampoo designed for oily scalp. It helps rebalancing the sebum secretion and cleans the scalp from it. This line comes with a shampoo only.
  4. Replumping – it is recommended for softer hair that needs a volume and replumping. This line comes with a shampoo, conditioner and serum (recommended before styling for better hold)
  5. Renewing – the latest on the line, recommended as an antiaging hair product. Specially for long hair that needs reviving elements. This line comes with a shampoo and conditioner as well as a complex enhancement serum to boost other hair treatments needed.
  6. Purifying – a shampoo designated to treat dandruff of any cause. It comes with a concentrated gel (professional use only) for severe cases.
  7. Calming – a shampoo for sensitive scalp. Either irritated from previous chemicals or just prone to irritations, this shampoo protects the scalp and heals irritations.
  8. Detoxifying Scrub – a shampoo that have small granules for gentle scalp cleansing. It is recommended as a detox treatment of the scalp together with a md mask for a perfect cleansing and detoxifying.
  9. Wellbeing – a shampoo for all types of hair, all ages. It cleans and protects the scalp and hair. Mostly recommended for natural hair. It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, a serum and a scalp massage oil.


The lines in NaturalTech are considered treatments for scalp &hair, hence we recommend limited time use and should be recommended by a trained professional. The shampoos and treatments can be mixed form different lines of NaturalTech as it serves for specifically scalp and/or hair problems.

ESSENTIALS are other 9 shampoos and hair treatment lines for more frequent use.

Each family in Essential Haircare line has a specific function to meet your daily regimen needs: hydration (MOMO), volume (VOLU), color (MINU), shine (NOUNOU), protection (MELU), elasticity (DEDE), smoothness (LOVE SMOOTHING), curls (LOVE CURL) and daily care (SOLU). All products are designed to protect the hair, nourish and revive your hair. The lines come with conditioners, creams, serums to perfect the results.


Yvresse De Beaute recommendation: 

Detoxifying Mud Scalp and Hair Mask &Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo are Hair essentials on dusty and hot weather. 

What it is: 
Created by Davines with a formula based on clay from the Spa area of Acqui Terme (Piemonte-Italy) 

What it does:
The mud mask is applied on your scalp and thanks to its absorption properties, ensure perfect removal of any DUST and SMOG particles that have settled on the Hair. 

It is recommended to be followed by the Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo for a perfect clean scalp and can be joined by any of NaturalTech Shampoos and conditioners that meet your hair needs.

“ENERGIZING” One of the high demand products from Davines NaturalTech line of scalp and hair treatments. Stimulating and strengthening for scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. The formula can be used in presence of hair loss caused by androgenetic or seasonal and stress related factors. The new formula reduces hair loss, improves the density and reduces the hyper-production of sebum. Because hair loss is such a common concern for both ladies and gents, the line comes with 3 different products in form of drops or gel, dedicated to treat most common causes of hair loss with an easy application.


1) MASK with Vibrachrom–PERMANENT COLOR

Davines innovative coloring system introducing new technology to the world of hair color that allows superior, uniform color penetration into the hair’s structure, offers extra shine, high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the color.


  1. Quinoa protein extract – with the power to increase the color absorption;
  2. a conditioning agent rich in Omega -9 – vegetal derived, able to form a lipid film that protects, smooths and nourishes hair;
  3. A Phospholipid carrier – it increases pigment permeability by reducing surface tension facilitating a homogeneous color and increased shine.    



What it is: 

View is the new addition to Davines Hair Colors family. It has an acidic pH that offers extraordinary shine&volume to hair. Its ingredients are up to 93% natural and up to 99% biodegradable 

It is a demi-permanent hair color, ammonia free. 

What it does:

  • give a refresh and intensity on your existing color either natural, colored or bleached hair
  • Equalize cosmetic color, refresh lengths& ends of your hair
  • add more shine to your hair
  • It fades over 6-8 weeks or 15-20 shampoos



Davine’s new premium bleaching system, formulated to respect and protect hair during any lightening technique, offering a comfortable and delicate service to the final client.