Founder’s Statement


Yvresse De Beauté 

  • A vision of how to exceed beauty. 
  • A place where every woman can be herself above and beyond what she has ever had experienced. 
  • A 20th century piece of “palace” inspired by Chateau de Versailles and its queen Marie Antoinette 
  • A place of historical inspiration, a proof that beauty is immortal. 
  • A statement that women are art and art is beautiful.
  • A legacy of empowering women.
  • A promise to make you feel that “time” is just a word and “age” is just a level of existence. 

The concept of Yvresse De Beauté is far beyond the classical Beauty Salon you’ve ever experienced. It is a blend of beauty enhancement services, fine fragrances, luxurious jewelry, fashion and a new trend of what’s being pampered mean.